Navigating the Learn Center is quick and easy.
The first thing you should be aware of is the My Learning Profile menu, located on the left side of the screen:
The My Training page is your #1 destination on the Learn Center. It is where you will find access to any Training Programs that you have purchased through MHS. Training Programs are made up of several items contained within a "Learning Plan", which is a defined path of training items are are to be completed in a specific order. Completing one item in a Learning Plan will unlock the next item, and so on. Eventually, you will unlock the final item in the Learning Plan, a Certificate Generator, which will allow you to save your certificate of completion.
The My Training History page provides a quick snapshot of your completed training.
The Account Details page lets you review your Learn Center account details, and make any necessary changes.
The other main area of interest is the Navigation Bar, located under the site header:
The Navigation Bar contains links to additional content, including our Catalogue of available Training Programs, and more information about MHS Training.
You can also check our FAQ page, to see common questions from Learn Center users.
For questions about a previous purchase or product license, please contact
If you have any technical questions or concerns regarding the Learn Center please contact
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