CEFI Adult® Continuing Education Training Programs
CEFI Adult® CE Online Manual Quiz
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Satisfy your CE requirements online by completing the CEFI Adult® CE Online Manual Quiz. Simply study the assessment manual as you normally would, then successfully complete the questionnaire and a short feedback survey to receive your certificate of completion. 
Learning Objectives
  1. Complete the administration of the CEFI Adult®.
  2. Perform the scoring, interpretation and reporting of the CEFI Adult®.
  3. Comprehend the psychometric support for the CEFI Adult®.
How to Complete This Program
  1. Study the Assessment Manual. A manual is required to complete the quiz.
    If you do not already have one, purchase it here.
  2. Complete the online questionnaire and see your results immediately.
  3. Complete a short feedback survey.
  4. Save, and then print or email your certificate of completion.
  5. Submit your certificate to the American Psychological Association as required for CE credit.
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About the Assessment
CEFI Adult®
Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory Adult™
Jack A. Naglieri, Ph.D.
Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.

The CEFI Adult® is a comprehensive evaluation of executive function strengths and weaknesses for adults that delivers highly accurate results based on extensive norming.